Using Gmail for Business

There is an upside and a downside to using Gmail for business.

On the upside, Gmail turns out to be a rather cost-effective business email solution. It is far cheaper to use Gmail for business communications than to use a tailor-made email solution. Another advantage of using Gmail for business is in the fact that Gmail is a very robust email system. Google (the company behind the service) has invested millions of dollars in developing the service, and the end product is definitely remarkable in terms of robustness.

On the downside, there are people who feel that Gmail is an ‘unsophisticated’ business email communication solution. This, of course, is the case when people opt to use the ordinary Gmail addresses (the ones that end with a suffix) for the business communications. But it is also worth noting that Gmail is designed in such a manner that it can be customized for a business’ website domain name. In other words, people who intend to use Gmail for business communications don’t have to get stuck with the default Gmail addresses, which come with a suffix, and which look unsophisticated. They can also make use of ‘sophisticated-looking’ email addresses based on their business websites (whilst at the same time tapping into Gmail’s remarkable power).