Strategies for Financing College Radio Stations

There are several strategies that are used for financing college radio stations.

The first strategy used for financing college radio stations is the one where colleges use their own funds to keep the radio stations running. Keep it in mind that the stations are often used to train students who have interests in things like media studies, communications and broadcasting technology. The fees paid by these students are therefore used to maintain the radio stations, being as they are, training facilities for the respective courses.

The second strategy used for financing college radio stations is the one where the radio stations are financed using advertising revenues. There are many people who are interested in having their ads reach college students. Gadget vendors, clothing  and apparel vendors, entertainment equipment vendors and educational materials vendors are in that category. That is also where we find private student loan vendors, who take advantage of the fact that government student loans are hardly adequate (check,) to sell expensive private loans to students.

Whatever strategy is used, it is worth remembering that maintaining a college radio station is not as costly as one may fear: because for the most part, the stations are housed within the campuses, and manned by volunteer student presenters.

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